Discover your ancestry, check if any of your ancestors left for Boston or Quebec in Canada; some of the many thing you can do & see locally

Turas Siar

Language and culture research & genealogy centre

Visit the local language & cultural research centre with decades of recording of local singing, traditional music & story telling in a traditional cottage environment.

For Genealogy/ Ancestry investigations please contact ahead of your visit to Belmullet.

Blacksod Bay Memorial Garden

Assisted Emigration Sailings

In 1883 and 1884 eleven ships embarked on fifteen voyages bringing over 3300 Irish emigrants from North West Mayo to a new life in the US and Canada.

Mayo Dark Sky Park

Where the darkest skies reveal the brightest stars

Mayo is now home to Ireland’s first International Dark Sky Park, showcasing some of the darkest, most pristine skies in the world.

Wild Nephin Ballycroy National Park & Visitors Centre

Ballycroy National Park is Ireland’s sixth National Park and located on the Western seaboard in northwest Mayo.

Gaeltacht Courses

Coláiste UISCE is a unique activity based Irish Language College and Adventure Centre situated in the heart of Mayo’s Gaeltacht, where the teaching of Irish is intertwined with the enjoyable experience of modern exhilarating adventure and water sports.

Wild Atlantic Tours

Marine & countryside guide specialising in archaeology & wildlife


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